TERMS AND CONDITIONS It won't take more than a few minutes to go over the rules. We all came here to make money. Business relationships on the Internet are important. When you break the rules, trust is broken and very hard to re establish. You reputation is same important as paying on time. Please, read carefully through Terms and Conditions. Read the rules and please check off the acceptance box before become an affiliate of RiseCash.com

Because the content features sexually related materials, you must be at least 18 years old or whatever the legal age is in your community or country if you do wish to participate in this program. You can't go beyond this page if there are laws in your country that prohibit viewing sexually and pornographic explicit materials. If you continue, then it's only you who's responsible for the future consequences of your participating in RiseCash.com partnership program.

All materials within this site are a proprietary property of RiseCash.com. You, as the 'Affiliate', may not reproduce, copy, edit, publish, transmit, or upload until you get a written permission from RiseCash.com.

Whenever you submit your application for acceptance, RiseCash.com will have your application carefully evaluated until you get your acceptance. You will then be notified of your acceptance or rejection. RiseCash.com can reject your application for every reason. If your site features content that is unlawful, obscene, harassing or is simply illegal, you won't be accepted and any existing account you have on RiseCash.com will be terminated. If images or content related with CP, rape, underage models beastiliaty are found on your site, your account is terminated and IP banned. If you send traffic from any site promoting following features, you account will be terminated.

RiseCash.com cannot be held responsible for conditions beyond its control, such as variations in weather, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, military actions, third party billing companies going out of business, electrical outages, labour strikes, war. However we do our best to restore everything back to normal as soon as possible whenever any of the following conditions occur.

Webmaster Referral Program requires you to be active when trying to bring in as many webmasters to participate in RiseCash.com partnership program as you can. The Webmaster who is referred must begin to send traffic to the site within 180 days. If the Webmaster does not become active within 180 days, the bonus becomes void. An Active Webmaster is one who has sent 1 sales within a one-month period. If the referred Webmaster is found to be doing some fraudulent business, then the referred and referring Webmasters have temporarily their accounts blocked until a clear look of the situation.

You are permitted to have many account.

If your users are found to be inactive for too long we can send your account to referring program without giving you a notification.

Spam is not permitted. All known spam methods are strictly prohibited and if you are found to be using any of them, your account is terminated and all funds are forfeited.

RiseCash.com will grant to you a non - exclusive limited license and Use of affiliate logos and trademarks. You will grant RiseCash.com a non - exclusive license to utilize your names, titles and logos, trademarks

You are all responsible for the legality of all the materials on your site. If we find them illegal, you account is terminated and all funds are forfeited.

Your account is terminated and all funds are forfeited if you are found to be sending illegal traffic.

You can't tell the surfer that it is possible to cancel trial membership right after the registration is completed. If we learn that, your account is terminated and funds are withheld.

If your account is terminated, RiseCash.com doesn't have to give you any reason about its actions. RiseCash.com always can terminate your account at any moment whenever you are found engaged in fraudulent actions.

If your affiliate account has an unusually high rate of chargebacks/credits/refunds, RiseCash.com has full right to cancel your account. You will receive a final payment, minus the cost of the penalties incurred due to your chargebacks/refunds/credits

You are not allowed to send traffic to any illegal site. RiseCash.com reserves the right to revoke your account for fraudulent, illegal activity and will withhold payments. Illegal sites are those who promote beastiality, child pornography, warez and password trading sites, hacking sites, and any sites, which break today's laws.
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